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If you expect your clients to read the texts on your site, especially the content. Web writing has its own features compared to regular publications. It is known that 79% of Internet users simply skip web pages, but rarely read them. It suggests that we should work hard to make their reading more beneficial to them. Do not make these mistakes. Certainly, the site should make the first glossy and lasting impression, but not with the help of flash, the pet chip of many web designers. They consider flash to be the coolest thing. In fact, visitors to the site can not stand the annoying light and start looking for a reference to end the annoying image. The purpose for which you flash can be a variety, of self-made text for example, but the response to the flash will not be enough. They have opened the page to get the information they need and the flash reel is a problem for them. Users do not know if the information on your site is better than millions of others. If they encounter a flash at the very beginning they will simply switch to another site. Forget about the flash and fill your site with useful original texts. In the newspapers and magazines, our attention is drawn to pictures, pictures, and illustrations. It is not like a net. Research has shown that first of all users pay attention to the topic – they scan the whole page to find the catchy words. One phrase: “independent online writing services” will not say much about the donation itself. This is the main function of the headings and footnotes – they will expose the reader to the content of the entire page so that he or she does not need to scrutinize details. News headlines attract the attention of users. The first subtitle is to describe the user’s problem (eg looking for a freelance writing job?), The second is screaming – “Here’s the solution!” That way the reader gets a general idea of ​​the place and if he swallows this. hook, he’ll probably come back and read the whole page. If your site receives visitors this way, you lose real benefits. It can be the first and last sentence a user reads on your site. Remember, Internet users, come to your site to find what they are looking for, not what you need. So, find out what their needs are. Describe the benefits, the benefits, and the appeal. Users should make sure they are working with a reliable company and making a good deal. Gain their favor: appeal to them with a specific text highlighting the main benefits and advantages. Here everything is simple. Users type keywords in search engines and phrases (e.g., freelance writing tasks). Search engines provide a list of sites related to the query. Users tend to select the first sites in the list. Sites with keywords are ranked high in the search list. Therefore, you should explain the keywords to your potential clients and use them in your writing. Do not load the page with a large number of useless options or difficult graphics, downloading too long. Use the blank space to guide the reader through the entire text from the first to the last. Remember that screen reading is eye-catching. Screen reading is 25% slower than normal reading which is why you should not press your guests. Divide the information into smaller sections, use short, full sentences (eg ‘Independent writing activities available’) The section should contain only one idea. But you can make a lot of lists, as you do not know which one magically turns a student into a consumer. Your text will face difficult trials. Users will not read it until they want it. Your task is to attract you with something new and exciting all the time. Well-known marketing expert Joseph Sugarman shared his secret to successful writing: “The purpose of the text is to make you read the first sentence. It makes you read a second time. The second one aims to learn the following and more. ” Remember that the text should describe your products or service and encourage the reader to action. If you are proposing independent online writing activities you should state, at least that your company or journal or other institution that offers the opportunity for independent writing, that you have a variety of opportunities starting from independent writing planning activities that will change. in someone else’s work.

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