What are Mussels

Mussels are sea bivalves. The mussel is a common name used for a variety of mussels, which distinguish their long shells. These beautiful seabirds have a dark blue exterior and a silver interior. Most mussels are usually only eaten for a day or two so be sure to check them out. Mussels measure two to three inches long.

What to check when buying

When buying mussels they chose live ones. Tap on the shell and see if it closes. If it does not, throw it away. About 17 species of mussels are edible.


Mussels are eaten differently in different parts of the world. They are eaten with French fries in France, served with a stock of white wine in Belgium, and fried in butter in the Netherlands. They can be boiled, smoked, roasted, roasted, fried in butter, or grilled.

Health Benefits

Mussels are known as energy sources and are a major factor in the formation of red blood cells. They are a good source of zinc and folate. These are good for your immune system and help increase your brain function. Low in fat and cholesterol.

Did you know?

Freshwater mussels are used as a source of freshwater pearls.
Mussels are a male aphrodisiac.
The oldest mussel is over 130 years old!
The flesh of the mussel is sexually active, the female is orange/pink and the male is white.

Don’t forget to remove that whisker before cooking!

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